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Our Services

Mountain Air Duct Cleaning offers air duct and dryer vent cleaning.  We clean you air ducts by first coming into your home and hooking up a Hepa machine to your furnace.  We then go around with another Hepa machine to each one of the registers where we first run a camera down your vent.  Then we run down our brushes.  We repeat this step until the vent is clean.  We then apply a sealant throughout the vent which helps prevent buildup and debris.  This process is repeated on every vent. With our service we detail the furnace, change out the furnace filter, and provide before and after pictures.  We can also order three different types of high end, electrostatic air filters.  These come with either a metal frame or a flex-fit design that can be cleaned and reused.

We also specialize in cleaning dryer vents both commercially and residentially.  We have a variety of different brushes that can go down the different types of vents. 


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